Last Minute Handmade Gifts!

Still on the hunt for a christmas gift?  You are in luck!  I've put together a great colection of ready to ship handmade items that will(should) make it to your door before christmas(If you order before the 18th)


Gourgous Stainless Steel Snowflake Earrings! Made by  Arcana Metalwork

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Aren't You Worried Amazon is going to Steal your Stuff!! Amazon Handmade an Early Defense.

An incorrect and irresponsible blog has been passed around the handmade community making a huge fuss recently, and as it didn't source any information I don't feel the need to link to her.  I've been asked by several other artisans, that know I just opened up a store at Amazon Handmade, and I have seen it posted over and over again in the artisan community.  Have also seen a lot of people go well that is it, I'm not listing there!(which if yo

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DIY - Galaxy Sneakers

Last weekend of the summer, been doing lots of shopping and getting the kids all ready for school.  My daughters been dying for her own pair of galaxy sneakers!  So we made them this weekend :)  Now there are several ways to make such but this is how we did it.

Supplies list:

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Ready Set Go! Holidays!

Its that time of year again!  The heat, the sweet tea, mosquito bites, full on summer is here!  And I'm making almost nothing but Christmas ornaments, LOL!  For most folks end of August is all about getting in one more vacation weekend before school starts up but for small artisan type companies its the start of the holiday marathon!  So thought what the heck everyone loves Christmas, it's what I've got on my mind anyway lets feature some holiday stuff! 


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The Art Work of Shaving

Several years ago our family was using the standard see one TV, drug store way to expensive razors.   My husband who was military at the time was having problems with having to shave 2-3 times a day to keep within standards.  It was just too much and we tried a lot of different things but it was tearing up his face.  When a friend of mine suggested we go old school and give safety razors a try.  POOF totally helped his face, and I borrowed out of currosity.

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Always There are the Horses.

This weeks blog is in honor of my Mother, Adelia Ramey.  She wrote this Poem, Years ago and is the Author of it. Posting this so its correct source can be known, and yes she has both written and internet evidence that it is hers original work. :)

Always there are the horses.

I ride because I rode as a child when life was
simpler and somehow more complete. Only the whiff of a
clean horse is needed to remind of days gone by.

For always there have been the horses.

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Leaves in the Wind

“In every change, in every falling leaf there is some pain, some beauty. And that's the way new leaves grow.”
Amit Ray



   Leaf Plates by

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Ammonite Art

Collection of some the coolest Fibonacci Fossil Art I could find!  Ammonite have a beauty all their own it's no wonder that they have inspired so many artists! 


Fine Art Photography by Black Truffle Photos





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Yellow by North Star Color Review

Rose's Big List of Places To Promote

Promotion can be very daunting. It's hard to even know where to start, so here is a List of the all the places I promote on, and places I probably should be promoting on. Posting much as a reminder to myself as to help out other artists.  Comment or contact if you have any additional ideas or suggestions!


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