Several years ago our family was using the standard see one TV, drug store way to expensive razors.   My husband who was military at the time was having problems with having to shave 2-3 times a day to keep within standards.  It was just too much and we tried a lot of different things but it was tearing up his face.  When a friend of mine suggested we go old school and give safety razors a try.  POOF totally helped his face, and I borrowed out of currosity.

We will never go back.  There are a lot of perks, besides just it being significantly cheaper.  Seriously 15.00 a year on GOOD blades!  Or that they simply are the best shave. Plus it opens up a whole new world of beautiful handmade items one doesn't even think about when grabbing a pack Venus from the grocery store.


Badger Hair Shaving Brush with turned Maple wood Handle Made by

Please Note....One Should NOT try the whole Oh Im so cute shaving no I dont see the hubby standing in the door, while using real razors.  Learned my lesson on that one but back to the lovely shaving stuff!

HandCrafted Solid Copper Shaving Bowl by


















Dark Blue Dottie Shaving Bowl By

The New: Stainless Steel and Brass Braid Safety Razor Handle By

The Old: Light Blue Lady Gillette with Stars sold by

Green Tweed Shaving Soap Made By






















Turquoise Shaving Set by Wood Chux n
















The Lady Shave Soap by


g Set




Such beautiful shaving

Such beautiful shaving accoutrement! Thanks so much for including our vintage Lady Gillette.


No Problem! Its my fav razor had to include, glad you like the collection.

Thanks for including us

Thanks again for including our shave brush! Very kind of you!

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