Last weekend of the summer, been doing lots of shopping and getting the kids all ready for school.  My daughters been dying for her own pair of galaxy sneakers!  So we made them this weekend :)  Now there are several ways to make such but this is how we did it.

Supplies list:

One Pair Canvas Shoes,  Fabric paint(black, white, blue, purple, red, yellow), Glitter blast clear, Paper plate to blend the paint on, various brushes the sponge brush was used the most.  OH and an old or cheap tooth brush!

Suggest starting with you lightest colors first and add a few smears of white then Basically you just keep smearing and painting until it looks right.  Many many layers.

Dip the tooth brush into the white and flick all over to get the white stars.  Used Q tip for the larger stars.

Light coat of the glitter blast!  Set it and adds even more stars to it!  I umm over did it on the rubber toes but the 12 year old loves it so it's all good.

Have Fun!  Focused on just one part of these but they also had a blue planet on one of the tongues, a meteorite with tail.   Need to see if I can get hold of a small TARDIS patch, my kid is a whovian.  ;) 


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