Still on the hunt for a christmas gift?  You are in luck!  I've put together a great colection of ready to ship handmade items that will(should) make it to your door before christmas(If you order before the 18th)


Gourgous Stainless Steel Snowflake Earrings! Made by  Arcana Metalwork


A Felted Gnome!  By Merrikin Designs

Rustic Heart Ornament made by Prairie Primitives

Artisan Tree of Life and Carnelian Necklace by Shadow Dog Designs

Animal Paper Doll Christmas Gift Tags by  Ardently Crafted

Snowman Bath Bombs! by Two Wild Hares

Holiday Table Runner by Phaneuf Pharm Weaving and Yarn

Bee Stoneware Mug by

Botanical Tree Ornaments by




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Its that time of year again! The heat, the sweet tea, mosquito bites, full on summer is here! And I'm making almost nothing but Christmas ornaments, LOL! For most folks end of August is all about getting in one more vacation weekend before school starts up but for small artisan type companies its the start of the holiday marathon! So thought what the heck everyone loves Christmas, it's what I've got on my mind anyway lets feature some holiday stuff!

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