Its that time of year again!  The heat, the sweet tea, mosquito bites, full on summer is here!  And I'm making almost nothing but Christmas ornaments, LOL!  For most folks end of August is all about getting in one more vacation weekend before school starts up but for small artisan type companies its the start of the holiday marathon!  So thought what the heck everyone loves Christmas, it's what I've got on my mind anyway lets feature some holiday stuff! 


Needle felted Christmas Penguin  Made by


Blue Mug with Lace Snow Flake by


Wood Turned Christmas Ornaments by


Sparkling Snowmen Earrings by Shadow Dog Designs


Deep Red Premium felt Christmas Tree Skirt by


Christmas Carol Quote Typography Print by


Christmas Garland felted recycled wool dots string by Go Dotty Go


Christmas Stone Fire Place Box by Sharon Stroud Designs


Hand carved flying Santa  by Bill Evens at Christmas Whispers


Crystalline Glazed Porcelain Christmas Ornament By

Hand Blown Glass Icicle Ornaments by Untamed Rose

Snowman Christmas Handmade Earrings


Christmas collection

I am honored to be featured in your beautiful collection. The skirt you have chosen is my best selling Chrismas tree skirt. It's made of a heavier felt and is a deep rich red. All the petals are hand cut and then hand sewn and secured with white beads. I'm very proud of this skirt and all the others I offer in my shop on Etsy.
I particularly live the Christmas collections people come up with and am proud to be a part of them.
Thank you.

Its beautiful work! Can see

Its beautiful work! Can see why its a great seller for you :) I had to include it.


Thank you, Breanna!

I can almost get in the holiday mood browsing these holiday beauties (despite the mid-90's temp outside). The felted penguin is to die for and I can just see a tree covered in your amazing icicle ornaments! Many thanks for including my red-collared snowman earrings, which are my bestsellers for the Christmas season (: Will share your wonderful blog everywhere. Thanks, again . . . Catherine

Thanks Breanna!

Thanks for featuring my fireplace box in your collection. I make this box in several colors but this brown stone one is my favorite! The other items you have chosen are so lovely I'm honored to be in this collection.

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