Promotion can be very daunting. It's hard to even know where to start, so here is a List of the all the places I promote on, and places I probably should be promoting on. Posting much as a reminder to myself as to help out other artists.  Comment or contact if you have any additional ideas or suggestions!


Places to Hit up with a New Listing. 

Got to get a rhythm, Coffee, drop kid off, take those photos, editing, listing... Promote! Preferably Everyday!  Maybe not all of them, but your daily battle plan should include several of these.

# Craftori - Collection of handmade items. I upload to their free about every third item, haven't tried the paid sections yet.

# - Like the page to add it to their directory, though self promotion can be frowned upon

# Facebook Business Pages - gain fans, create events, share announcements, post photos. FB Groups look for fan groups of your art type.

# Pinterest - For more then just foodie photos ;) Bonus, join some group boards with themes similar to what your sell. Here is a group board directory. With thousands listed, IDK if it's all but its a good starting place.

# Viral Whoot - Idea is simple promote pins from pinterest, in trade for pinning other peoples pins. Instawoot - By same company same thing but for instagram.

# DeviantArt - share your artwork include short description, keywords and link

# Twitter - Microblog and network with others. 

# Instagram  Share your photos

# Flickr - add photos of your work

# Google+ - Suppose to be really good for SEO, I'm just starting so we shall see!

# Best times to post on Socal Media Chart.

Just Once, to Every Once in a While.

# Life Hack! IFTT - Cheat for the "Places to Hit up with a New Listing"  Makes the If you post on FB it Twitters, If you post to Twitters it flickr posts, new listing on etsy shop it... etc etc the combos.  I love app this!!! 

# Etsy on Sale - Easy way to discount your whole or etsy shop sections.  Listing are then added to their site which may bring some more traffic, also this is how you get the "red lines"

# Craftster - Forum for connecting with other crafters and share ideas

# Craft Gawker - More of a get ideas to DIY kind of place but could be a good place to link up an easy project with links to harder tutorial. Or advertise a blog post about DIY.

# RetailMeNot - Nerdwallet - Submit coupon codes for your store, some folks just love saving that extra bit. Not so much a drive traffic for small biz, but have found people do search for my shop there looking for coupons.

# Google Merchant Takes a bit of work to get stuff loaded on there but will help. I had to create my own spread sheet, and only did my "made to order" items.

# The Handmade Directory Interesting site users can search etsy,artfire etc handmade places And you can submit your own handmade stuffs.

# Craigslist - online classifieds. Your YMMV, found this worked well when I lived in a large city not so much now in the country.

# Craft Juice social sharing site specifically for handmade products

# On fire for handmade


# Write! How To's, What is it's, History of's etc-  And get published! Hubpages ezine articles Guest post for Someone else’s blog.

# Give A Ways/ Contests - Fans love them. Great way to get more FB/Twitter/Pin Fans... But I have found like sales, they shouldn't be done often.  All the time is just too much.

# Etsy Team Games - Do not get sucked into spending to much time on these.  They are an ok, promotional tool for getting some extra views and hearts.  But the hearts and views don't "count" as much as real ones, they are not a marketing or promotional plan if you are really wanting to build a biz.  You will spend more time, wasting time then anything else.

# Etsycouponcode - Largest data base to look up etsy shop coupons.  Yup it's etsy but I commented on my etsy shops coupon with this site an an additional coupon :)

# LinkedIn - strengthens and extends your existing network of trusted contacts.

# Crafters Buzz - Free classifieds, free promotion to brick and mortar shops.

# Etsy Contest - Cute site, it is a This vs That contest voting of etsy shop items. Got to sign up for your shop to participate. Need to visit once a month or so to get into contests.  Have had like two items "win" its good exposure during Great if your item wins. Plus kind of fun :)

# Submit your site -  To google, to bing, duckduck go, yahoo, etc Not a guarantee but way of saying HEY to the search sites spiders Here something to look at. Something to do every six months or so.

# Arts Collab  Submit art finds.

# Craft Site Directory - Add your site!

# YellowPages - Your a ligate Biz, Get on there!

# Art Pal - Create a gallery, another place to sell or use their printing service

# Art Chain - Submit your site to their directory

# Craftseekers - Forum, biz guides and submit to their directory for free or paid.

# 100 craftlinks - Visit monthly to re-add your site.  There are several of these type of site, seek out the one that fits your biz too!

# Go Top 100 - Linking to the lampwork one I am on, but there are many many of these find your "type"  "votes" keep you on the top of the list. I get views, perhaps just other lampworkers who are curious, not sure yet.

# its better handmade - Submit your stuff, get featured!

# Booooooom - community of people excited to go out and be creative! Submit your work.

# Blah Blah Day! - Now IDK who made these up, but they are kind of a thing and a good opportunity for some cute advertising # riding.  Like submarine day is coming up here soon, so I will be showing off my yellow submarine then ;) Sell Scrabble jewelry? Show it off on Scrabble day next Monday(april 13th)!

# Boredpanda Add Your work!


Pay To Play

Sometimes you got to spend it to make it

# Google Adwords - advertise your shop on Google - costs money also great way to research what key words people are looking for and strengthen your SEO.

# Project Wonderful - Easy low-cost, sometimes free, advertising on targeted blogs all in one place.

# Million Other Blogs - But be picky before spending money, there are also another 2 Million blogs that are happy to feature for free as they need material. Found this source 70 great blogs to submit your art to,

# Craftcult - Heavy in and out Etsy Seller traffic, Never have myself but it seems a popular place to advertise.

# Etsy Promoted Listings - Love them hate them, lots of debate over them.  Personally I like the new(2014) system that was put in, I do use them very "strictly" and do profit. 

# Facebook - I am not sure I recommend this one though. Pricing very much set up for the big boys and there is something really irritating about paying to show people stuffs that already went, Ya I want to see! 

# Handmadeology Directory Solid backlink to have, its regular site is a decent resource for how too's about running a biz.

# We Like Etsy -  5.00 for a life time ad.

Places to Sell

More store fronts more potential for sales!  Also potentially a lot of work, cant do them all and be careful about OOAK's.  Induced are Rose's Personal Opinions about them, if I have one...

# Your own site of Course!  Really cant believe I waited so long to get mine going right.  Now there are many many options from designing from scratch to many different hosting sites, to many different ecommerce ready to go kind of places. I am using indiemade to build and host my site, at 20 a month is one of the cheapest and have found the customer support to be wonderful!  Just my recommendation.  If your a wizard at wordpress ignore me.

# Etsy - Largest Artsy places of course, best community support the teams and forums are great places to talk to other artisan sellers.  So much so I often go there to talk about issues in other places.  Bad actual support from the company, said as well I have never actually talked to anyone at etsy.  They never respond.  Some of the lowest fees.  Still a must be place for an artisan company. 

# Customade - Higher on the fees at 10% but has good traffic, higher end buyers, Great support from the company.  Have heard they are picky about whom they let in, but that is a good thing if you can get there. Must be the kind of artist that can do custom work though, and you will get(least I do) some strange custom requests.  25 glass chickens anyone? yup I did it. ;)

# Zibbet - Craftstar - Have basically the same opinion of both, ok customer service, ok fees, almost no traffic...crickets.  Gave both an honest try with tons of listings and nothing to almost nothing for the effort.  This may change in the future..they both may grow.

# Artfire - I have not tried, likely need to.  Another etsy contender, I know several artists who focus on this and love it there. 

# Amazon Handmade!! -   I am excited about this! Hasnt started yet but I was invited to sell there!  High fees (groan) but sales are sales.   Will edited when it's open, and again when I get a feel of it.  Link to the handmade part info, not to the main amazon:)

# Ebay - Love it hate it, everyone knows it and it had to make the list.

# Keep America - new one for me, higher fees but they basically did Everything to list my items on there.  They also do a lot of promotion, TV interviews kind of thing.  We shall see.

# That Cute Little Store - Brick and Mortars.  It might sound daunting but really go talk to them, you need another place to sell they need cool stuffs to fill their store with!  Happen to have some of your work on you (best if it could be casual like oh I'm wearing one of my pendants! But I have kind of pulled random icicles out of my purse, oh where did that long stemmed rose come from hmmmmm...not very casual)   YMMV some places your work will do really well, some places not so much but ya got to try to find out.

# artsyhome - Suggested by a reader place to check out!

# Rebels Market -  Suggested by reader, looks cool!


# Ruby Lane Looks like a good place for vintage sellers.

Aftcra - Handmade only site


Isnt so sure about, so sticking down here to investigate

# Try Handmade - Submit One photo a day to their photo gallery. Doesnt look as active as it used to be.



Several of these are new to me! Thank you!

Comprehensive List

Thanks for compiling such a comprehensive list. It's going to take a LOT more work than I anticipated . The price we pay for enjoying what we do and trying to make a living from it. Great post!

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