NS-009 Yellow

One of my old favorite stand by, it works well. Doesnt boil, and produces an amazing color out of the kiln every time.  To the right is the manufatures photo, to the left is mine.  Now it always comes unstruck and looks like a plain clear glass rod :/  So I always do a quick flame strike on the 2-3 inches of one end of the rod so I dont confuse it with clear :)  

What Northstar says about this glass "If worked in an oxidizing environment, NS-09 Yellow will yield a transparent golden yellow. If worked in a neutral to slightly reducing flame NS-09 Yellow will start to darken and opacify. Can be flame or kiln struck."




Some examples of work from this color.

Summer Dandelion Pendant this yellow is the top color, based on lemon drop yellow

All solid NS yellow Petals on this wildflower, black eye susan

This Yellow Rose is NS yellow mixed with clear.


Fire Horse, NS yellow is there in the head twisted into clear.

Used in this Rainbow Pendant


Came out really light in this tiny rose :)





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