Europa Star by TAG Color Review

Just got in a new color that just came out from Trautman Art Glass .....Europa Star!!!


One of the manufactures photos of this color.

My photo of just the rods as they came to me. 

Looks like a bit darker then TAG's blue stardust.

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Here Be Dragons!

It should come as no suprise as one who plays with fire all day that I have a particular fondness of dragons :)   I looked around and found some the coolest handmade dragons on the market!

Forged iron Dragon sculpture 

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Bassett Bonanza

In Honor of my own beloved basset, Mr Dyson(yes after the vacuum)  I put together collection of lovely basset items :)  Enjoy!

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Magical Huskies

Russian phot

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Geek OUT Clocks

Hand Painted Doctor Who Clock made by

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Vassilis Tangoulis Fine Art Photography

Loving this award winning photographers work.  It's just breath taking!  Here are a few of my Favorites! :)   His website is here should check him out!

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If Money was no object....

I count myself among the lucky, for I do love what I do.

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