Hello!  I am Breanna, AKA Rose. 

I am a full time glass artist, a veteran, a wife and mother of two.

After I got out of the Navy(was a MM2) I happened to go to a festival which had a glass worker. I was instantly hooked, folks talk about love at first site well that me and this art...
In the military my job was literally to keep the fires burning in the navel ships. I love fire. It's warmth, strength, and beauty. There is no life without it, no passion, no grilled steaks.
As a hobby I had and still do played around with stained glass. Love the look and feel of glass. The colors the patterns and how it all can change in different lights.
Here was an art form that merged two things that tugged at my soul, fire n glass.  There is little in this world that is prefect and this is one!

I am four years into lampworking, and have no intentions of ever stopping.
I am completely self taught, though hoping to change that and getting under a masters wing tip here in the future. Just lots of trial and error on my part, passion and keeping at it can take one a long way. I love how far I have come, and I very much have my customers to thank for that. They keep the fires burning!

Guaranteed Handmade!   All the items in my shop, are handmade by me, myself and sometimes by I.  None of my work is exported, manufactured or delegated to another.  The poster to the left was put together by a whole bunch of artist to promote handmade.  I was very happy to be included!  My hands are in there just above the H.

I have some photos of materials used, my studio and me flaming if you are curious here

If you are interested in a custom work or in wholesale please contact me, I will be more then happy to accommodate your needs.

Have a nice day




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