Not finding exactly what you want in the store? 

I am happy to take custom orders, be it just a small variation to an existing design or something totally new! 

How I handle customs, first you get in contact with me.

Let me know what colors you are looking for, sizes, shapes, patterns, all the info I might need to create what your wanting. Link to an item if needed.   I'll get back to you, ask questions.  We will discuss this until all the needed details are hammered out. 

Will let you know price, and estimated time frame to completion.

Payment is required prior to the work in most cases.   I will send you a paypal invoice, no you don't need a paypal account for this and Yes it will take credit cards :)

Creation photos maybe available pending the type of project, just ask if your interested in seeing how it was made.  Will keep in touch too let you know how it is going either way.

Prior to shipping I will always send photos for your approval.  If it needs to be redone, or changed its ok. When you are happy, it will be overly bubble wrapped and shipped the same or next biz day!


Memorial work: I do take custom orders for ash memorial pieces.  Can be incorporated into just about any design.

Please don't ask me to copy some other artists work, I take pride in what I create as do they.  :)